Stoya pov visits Jack who’s cleaning his room

Stoya pov comes to her friend jack with no panties on herself, who is currently cleaning his room windows, in case some honey come to his room. Stoya wants to get him to come with her to the store, to do some shopping, but Jack insists on staying in to clean the room. By this time the camera is in jack’s hand, filming POV style. For those who are not familiar with POV, stands for POint of View.Back to our action, Stoya pov comes is horny as fuck, spreads her leg just to get Jack’s attention, but Jack is on a mission to clean his room. Stoya filmed POV sees that and promises to clean his room if he’s gonna fuck her first, plus that fucking is just more fun than cleaning. She get’s him on the bed takes off his pants and grabs that almost stiff cock of his and start licking it, giving him a slow and tasty Stoya blowjob. she gets to the penis head, runs her tongue around the head a few times, that swallows the whole penis up. Jacks begin to say how much he likes the way she gives him head and how she jerks him off.  She runs her head on the tip of that brown dick like it is a lollipop. Stoya starts to make that sexy faces proving once and for all that Stoya’s pov are just the best. Does Jack start to ask her to tell him How bad she wants to fuck? the answer does not come in the form of words, but in action and speed with which Stoya just jumps on that, now stiff brown cock of his in a cowgirl position. Up and down, slowly, up and down Stoya pov style, running her hand thru her black hair, looking at as m the audience like she is fucking each one of us gently at first, then harder and harder till she cums on his dick. Stoya then turns around and does it all again from behind

Rates : 63
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