Stoya Doll POV and steve holmes on a bed in paris

Stoya pov style self-filmed in Paris with french accent  Steve Holmes in a hotel room. Steve Holmes grabs the camera and the rest of the video is filmed POV style. Stoya pov takes a place on the bed and grabs Steve’s flier to unzip it and grabs his cock and gets it in her mouth. After licking and licking on that big cock of his Stoya pov get’s on the top of the bed and spreads her leg for Steve to lick that gorgeous pussy lips of her. She then puts it that long cock that Steve Holmes brought to the hotel room. Stoya gets up and grabs the camera and leans over a wall filming from her point of view like Stoya pov. Steve gets behind her, throws Stoya on the bed again grabs the camera and again starts recording Stoya pov. Stoya starts to scream fuck while cumming from that long dick of his. Stoya doll puts Steve Holmes on the bed and jumps on that long dick of his cumming and cumming harder and harder. He grabs her clit and while she jumps on that long dick he rubs that clit like he wants to polish it. Stoya pov enjoy her self so much, that she needs to put her hand to cover her mouth just to keep the noise level down. And now the Stoya pov blowjob. Stoya begins to perform her now famous blowjob. She begins at the top of the penis and works her way down to his ass crack.

Rates : 12
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