Stoya Doll in new york city shower with Mike Vegas fuck buddies

Famous pornstar Stoya Doll visits New York City to see an old fuck buddy, Mike Vegas. It is somewhere in January and the new york is under a blanket of deep snow. She comes up to Mike’s apartment and after a short chat, Stoya asks Mike if she can first take a shower. There’s nothing wrong with that between old fuck buddies in NYC. As the shower starts to run in the background, Mike Vegas decides to join in for old time sake. He comes into the bathroom and finds Stoya Doll nearly undressed, just waiting for the water to get hotter in this cold winter. The bathroom is so awesome having a window as tall as the side wall, overlooking New York City from a high floor. Mike see’s Stoya’s desire in her eyes and decides to act upon it. Mike get’s near her, pushes her in a black tile wall near the window wall with that great view over new york city and start to slowly kiss her and undress Stoya. She gives into temptation and starts to undress him too. The clothes are falling rapidly off this two ex-fuck buddies. She grabs him from his flaccid cock and begins to rub his dick. Then Stoya gets down on her knees and, looking in his eyes takes his whole dick in her wet mouth.  With one hand on that gorgeous cock and her lips wrapped around it, Stoya sucks it like there’s no tomorrow.  Mike Vegas can’t let her have all the fuck and with one swift move he grabs her hair, pulls her up, pushes her into that shower window and begins to kiss that sensitive pussy of hers, that has a little patch of pubs on top of it.  His dick gets hard from the thought of fucking Stoya on that cold day in winter in his shower, so he gets up pushes Stoya against the glass of the window overlooking the city and pushes the dick in that tight wet pussy with magical powers that Stoya possesses. She moans for a second then gets that hard dick of Mike’s.

Rates : 21
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