Stoya Doll nurse and James Deen Patient

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Stoya doll plays a nurse with a white hat and a red cross on it. Stoya comes to visit patient James Deen for a sponge bath, who is stuck in bed and has to release the day after tomorrow, to find him a little happy because he is leaving the day after today. Stoya doll asks him, why is he happy for leaving, does he likes her, to what James replies That is not her, and that he does not like the pea soup.  She takes the sponge, wets in some hot water, puts it on his hard cock and stops. Stoya doll throws the sponge away and starts to unbutton her white nurse uniform, then a kiss follows, a long lingering kiss. She takes off her nurse uniform and jumps into bed with her patient, jumping on top of him. James Deen reached into her panties and gently touches her pussy and with a circular motion begins to rub her already wet pink pussy…  Stoya doll then drops her see thru lace panties and pops that gorgeous pussy. The patient gets off the bed, goes behind Stoya and sticks his tongue in that wet pussy, eating that wet soft pussy and then tasting her pink puffy ass. He throws her on the bed, opens her lace bra, takes her hand and puts her hand on his cock, moving her hand slowly, up and down. Sure enough, the hand doesn’t do it anymore for him and so, he grabs her neck and sticks his dick in her face. Stoya doll licks her lips and puts them around his hard cock. Stoya’s blowjob is out of this world. She goes up and down on that long cock, with her soft wet lips. she doesn’t forget the balls, licking them all moist and soft.James Deen is so pleased with Stoya blowjob that he throws her on the bed and just jams his cock in that dripping wet pussy, spanking Stoya’s pussy at the same time.

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