Stoya POV is a tag that collects all the videos from with Stoya doll from the pov perspective . POV stands for POINT OF VIEW and in porn is a shooting style where the action is seen from the point of view of the one receiving the sexual favor , usually the male part  . Stoya POV are the videos of actress Stoya doll in witch she was shot in a POV style . Stoya as an actress does not have many videos where she is shot in Pov or gonzo , but the few ones where she participates in are of real quality . Stoya keeps almost every second of the POV shot an eye contact with the audience  and tries to make things seem as real as possible . stoya’s pov is usually shot on some preferred positions like blowjobs , cowgirl and reverse cowgirl . Stoya doll the adult actress does not use that much pov as a filming technique , since is more personal, because it gives the viewer the feeling of being in the center of action , like he is receiving the sexual favor .