Stoya Doll revenge fuck mick blue in grey lingerie against window

Stoya doll asks mick blue if he cheated on her, and Mick admits that he did, But only because he knew that Stoya doll already cheated on him with a guy at a bar. He asks her, why she did it, and Stoya replies that he asked nicely. Then Mick asks her, Who are you ? to what Stoya replies, Nobody!

Mick jumps on her to kiss her, he throws her against the window , pulls down her pants, tastes her pussy thru the grey lingerie , takes that panties from her lingerie of Stoya, turns Stoya around , and jumps on that moist twat , puts his lips around that perky clit of hers , and twists his tongue around it. Jams his big thinger in that hot humid little pussy of hers, and fingerfucks her.  When she is almost ready to cum. Mick pulls out that finger throws Stoya on the ground, pulls out his cock and jams it her wet little mouth. Stoya then begins to suck the juices out of that huge cock and finger her little tight pussy with the other hand. She goes even lower and begins to lick his balls while jerking him. He then grabs her soft hair and begins to skull fuck her. He gets her up, turns her around, pushes her on the window glass and shoves his cock in that pink pussy, grabs her neck, and fucks Stoya doll from behind like a rabid dog. At the end, Stoya says she’s sorry. Mick asks her what are you sorry for? Stoya replies: I’m not in love with you! Mick asks: When did that happen? to shat Stoya replies: Just now.

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