Stoya doll destroys rose bouquet and her Asshole

James Deen comes to Stoya doll with his heart in his throat and a red rose bouquet in his hand, only for Stoya, so that she can forgive him for not calling back. She takes the rose bouquet, looks at it, bites the head of a rose off, and destroys it in James Dean head, insisting that she doesn’t want it. James deen again apologies and Stoya doll find it her heart to forgive him.  They begin to kiss, Stoya pulls away, spreads her legs, takes James head and sticks it between her legs replying: So much better than roses !. James pulls his already hard cock and digs it in Stoya already wet from his tongue pussy. After dipping a few times his dick in that wet soaking pussy of her, he grabs her by her hair and sticks his dick right into that big mouth of hers.

He pushes his dick so hard into Stoya’s doll chick that you can see the shape of that penis thru that pale chick of her. He grabs her once more and pulls her on him and puts that sweet pussy right in that hard wet cock of his and sticks a finger in her ass to stimulate Stoya even more. So while he is fucking the piss out of her she begins to put first only one, then two fingers in her asshole. James asks her what are you doing, to which she replies I’m putting fingers in my asshole! I want you to fuck my dirty little asshole. He takes his dick out and James it all in Stoya’s tight little asshole while he is choking Stoya at the same time.  She starts to yell: Oh My god, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!

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