Stoya Doll spanked with spanking paddle

A tall dark man on one side of a bed , pulls Stoya hard on his lap . Stoya is dressed in a violet swimming suit with a big shiny necklace around that long neck. The tall dark mysterious guy grabs a plexiglass paddle and spanks Stoya’s ass once. He again looks at that tasty ass and swings that paddle again spanking Stoya’s ass again. He raises the paddle again , looks at her and spanks Stoya .One cheek , over and over again with that damn plexiglass paddle.  He stops a moment and says to her: You said I wouldn’t dare,  didn’t you?  How you like it now ? Stoya smiles and with a pleasure smile on her face says , I like it !! Another spank on Stoya’s ex white, now red ass . He pulls away her panties , spanks her ass again and asks her : Tight little pussy , isn’t it ? Yes it is, replies Stoya doll . He puts his middle finger in his mouth wets it good, and then straight in her soft pussy, not before giving Stoya another spank.  He start to finger fuck her , harder and harder , but suddenly stops. Rubs her pussy once more, and then puts his hand into her black hair ! Pulls her hair hard and while rubbing her pink pussy askes her : Do you like it hah ?? During Stoya spanking she asks him : You want to lick it , right ? The tall dark mysterious guy gets a little angry and replies: Do you think it’s gonna lick it before I fuck it? and drops on Stoya’s ass a spank.

Rates : 24
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