Stoya doll role playing with her boyfriend Charles

While washing her hands, Stoya is self talking about how great will her night along with Charles. All of a sudden she starts calling Charles, and after two more calls she goes into the bedroom to see why her boyfriend isn’t responding. She comes inside the bedroom and suddenly she realizes that Charles is all tied up and his mouth is also covered with tape. She starts talking with her boyfriend after unleashing his mouth, and while he seems not to recognize her, she starts asking him who she was. His first answer is “Michelle”, and as a punishment she spits right on his face. They try again their little game, and this time he says her name, admitting to Stoya the fact that he was only teasing. Then he starts saying that he has a bad memory, only the short term memory, so in order to be freed he accepts the deal Stoya proposes, to fuck her for his freedom. He accepts the deal, but Stoya starts threatening him with the fact that if he does not fuck her, he will never find out where Michelle was. She also demands him to fuck her as if he was fucking Michelle. He takes the deal, and all of a sudden he unzips his pants ans takes out his cock and starts fucking Stoya, whom was wearing some red panties with a big hole between her legs. He fucks her for a while and then she starts sucking his dick, but after she bites his cock he gets mad and decides that he should fuck her in order to get everything over with, and he finds out where Michelle was. He keeps fucking her, they change position, he starts fucking on one side, him behind her, and he starts enjoying their sex. Stoya doll starts riding Charles’s cock, while him being ecstatic, he really forgets all about Michelle and starts enjoying her pussy, and he even starts asking her not to make him cum so quickly. She starts sucking his dick for a while, then she starts riding it, all while both of them are moaning with pleasure. Charles becomes in charge with their position and spreads  Stoya dolls  legs and keeps on fucking her until they both cum. After their moment of ecstasy they both agree that everything was perfect and they both make fun of the fact that they were role playing very well.

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  1. Sheraz / August 15, 2017

    I love you stoya doll I’m sheraz from Pakistan

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