Stoya doll plays strip pool billiard with sisters roommate Eric .

Stoya doll a church girl, goody-goody is visiting from Montana her sister to L.A. California. Eric, her sister roommate and her sister welcome her and ask her to feel comfortable . Emanuel, her sister’s boyfriend is eating cereals in the kitchen when the two make acquaintance. Stoya doll sister and Emanuel leave for work and Eric, the roommate leaves to the gym. After a few hours , Eric comes back from the gym and finds Stoya doll quietly reading a book. Eric sees how bored she is and invites her to a match of table pool . She starts to complain that she doesn’t know how to play because the usual places that she hangs , does not have a pool table and Eric offers to teach her how to play . Stoya doll joins in and to keep things more interesting she proposes to play some strip pool . Stoya starts to explain the rules of the strip pool match : For each ball anyone sinks the other has to take off some clothing  . Eric stands there frozen with a what the fuck look on his face . The dictatorship of the new rules of the strip pool keeps on rolling: Another rule is that Whoever gets the 8’th ball get’s to tell the other one what to do, sexually. Eric just stands there . Stoya doll , sees that Eric is on the verge of backing off and adds: You can’t say no ! Your not a pussy right ?? appealing to his male ego . Stoya sinks the first ball and telling Eric to take off his pants. Again Stoya bends over to shot in this awkward game of strip pool and shots right for the 8’th ball, sinking it. Hey , your cheating !! Eric says . Stoya replies that she didn’t specify in what order the balls can get sunk .  Stoya puts her pale round ass on the pool table and tells Eric: Now, you eat my pussy !! After a few awkward  moments Eric comes to the pool table , kneels and slowly eats Stoya’s pussy spanking Stoua from time to time .He gets her off the pool table and drops her wet pussy in his hard cock bouncing her up and down on that rock hard cock of his.  He again drops the church girl Stoya on the pool table and jams his cock in that little nasty twat of hers slowly at first , then harder and harder . He gets her up and leans her against the pool table spanking her ass and pushing his dick into that little pussy of hers and reaching from behind for that perky clit of hers to play with it like it’s a joystick making Stoya doll moan with pleasure .

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