Stoya doll playing mistress slave with guy with ponytail

In a classic room, on a vintage couch, Stoya doll stand on the chest of a bulky guy with a ponytail. He asks her to stand on him and begins to yell! Yes, my misters, stand on me, my mistress !I’m not worthy of your feet touching me! I’m worthless, worthless worm! Crush me under your feet! The mistress slips and falls back on the couch when the blonde ponytail worthless worm jumps between her legs asking her to please let me lick your pussy, please mistress ! to What Stoya doll replies, with a sharp tone: you may lick my pussy! The ponytail big man sticks his long tongue into Stoya’s doll scared pussy. He that hands his tie to the mistress and asks her to pull up as hard as she can, so the guy with ponytail can’t breathe as normal as always, while still licking and now fingering her pinkish wet pussy. Licking her clit and fingering her with his long index finger .. he then inserts 2 fingers in that pink pussy, while spanking Stoya’s doll ass and licking her clit.The slave keeps spanking her ass..when Stoya asks the guy with a ponytail  to spank her pussy too. The slave then pulls out a huge semi-erect penis when The mistress says Oh my god, that is a huge penis! At the hearing of this words The guy with the ponytail backs out and apologizes: I’m a sorry mistress, what was I thinking? I beg of you! Please, Please. The mistress thinks for a minute and then asks the ponytail slave to come closer. the ashamed slave comes closer, and Stoya grabs his flaccid dick and pulls it towards her wet with lust mouth. Stoya doll licks her lips once and swallows his dick in one golpe.

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