Stoya doll in gold dress with tattoo guy on hotel bed

Stoya doll finds herself in a hotel room with a strange guy with lots of tattoos . She’s in a gorgeous gold dress and some animal print high heel shoes . The tattoo guy approaches her , caresses her pale face and kisses her ear lobe .Stoya doll in that gold dress , stand up from the bad takes his manly big hand and puts it between her thighs . He can feel that bush from her unshaved pussy . Stoya gently begins to remove her gold dress and beneath that long to the knee flowing gold dress lays a pussy with no panties on her.  The strong tattoo guy pushed the naked Stoya doll on the bad and begins to finger that wet unshaven pussy . Stoya drops to his knees and grabs that hard cock , kisses it soft , looks at it and shallows it . Stoya gives blowjob as a pro. She goes around the penis, licks the balls , sucks them a litttle ..moves her tongue around the balls then comes back to the penis head. Stoya’s blowjob in this scene is memorable .Them comes the sex part. The tattoo guy spreads her legs , puts them on his shoulders and the work starts.

Rates : 31
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  1. nonok / January 6, 2017

    nibling on his ball

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