Stoya Doll with Edward Scissorhands lesbian latex sex

Stoya doll with a cyborg girl all dressed in latex resembling Eduard Scissorhands, movie starring Johnny deep. The scene begins with the Eduard Scissor hands female version trying to grab a cup, but couldn’t do this because of her hands and needing help from a black entity. The robot girl then goes into the hallway, waiting for some. In the house comes Stoya doll, dressed in a plastic dress. She receives a pack of dollars from the mysterious entity. She leaves the money there and starts to undress slowly. She removes the clothes and takes Scissorhands in the pool. Scissorhands jumps into the pool and swims at the bottom.  Stoya doll and the cyborg girl find themselves on a couch holding each other naked. they begin to kiss slowly, touching each other in a very tender moment. Cyborg girl, now a lot more emotional and more human is holding Stoya and kissing her pierced nipple, teasing that nipples with her wet soft mouth. Stoya doll then leans her on her back and gently puts her mouth on the cyborg girl pussy, slowly moving her tongue around it, slowing closing in on the clitoris, sucking and licking at the same time, putting her knee between the cyborg girl’s thigh, gently pressing against her soft wet pussy. Cyborg girl decides to take Stoya’s doll pussy for herself, and drags her head underneath her legs and licks her tiny pinkish soft pussy like she would lick an ice cream.

Rates : 11
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