Stoya doll with doll dress tutu and wig fucks James Deen in Japan

Stoya doll and James Deen Around the world in 80 days arrive in Japan, where they rent a hotel room. Stoya finds a pink dress doll aka a tutu and a red curly hair wig and decides to fuck with this outfit.  The dressed doll fits her perfectly, and with at wig Stoya just looks like a porcelain doll with a tutu and white stockings. At first, the kissing and all the other seems a little awkward, coming to Japan just to get a strange outfit composed of a pink tutu dress, white knee-high stockings, a black top and a red curly wig, but they soon get into roles and the fun begins. Stoya doll leans on her back, her feet get pushed up in the air and get  Stoya spanked on that naughty milkish ass of hers. Then deen digs into that pussy between that doll legs of her and eats it like bear licking honey. Stoya begins to laugh at the idea that she needed to go all the way to Japan, rent a room in a hotel and, find an awkward outfit just to have sex on tape.

Rates : 23
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