Stoya Doll in blue lingerie fucked on her belly

Stoya doll sitting on her belly, on the bed, playing with her legs in the air, smiling cutely. In the rooms comes her boyfriend with a hard-on, just wanting to jump her bones. he rushes to her bed, spreads her legs, takes off her blue panties, and just plunges his face into Stoya’s pussy. he eats her white pale ass, licks her pale pussy through the blue lingerie, grabs the blue lingerie with his teeth and just takes them off. he unzips his jeans, takes his cock out, raises Stoya’s ass in the air and just jams his cock it that tight pussy. The boyfriend reaches for her clit from behind and begins to fuck her while rubbing her clit. He turns Stoya around like a doll, reaches in her top blue lingerie, grabs that small titty and sucks that pointy nipple while fucking her hard. just jamming his tight cock in that wet pussy. He spreads her legs and throws his mouth into that juicy little pussy of hers.  he then again starts to fuck Stoya doll like a madman, while kissing her and spitting in her mouth.  he grabs her hair and jams her in his cock. She then starts to give him head and lick his balls. He then goes under her, and begin a 69 position. Stoya goes into a reverse cowgirl.

Rates : 12
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