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After turning a kinky wife like Dava Foxx into a convinced lesbian, our big mouth dike gets into an argument with Dava’s ex husband . The guy is for real pissed because our hot dike took Dava fox and turned her into a dike. He is getting in her face, but this dike does now seem intimidated by this huge guy, that is Dava’s ex. The guy can sense that he can’t scare her away, so he does what every ex husband would do. The angry husband whips out his cock and takes Dava by the head and puts it in her mouth.

Common huney, dig in ! Dava looks at it and says: I mean is the least I can do after I took every penny of yours ! The dike looks at the situations and says: This is actually kind of pathetic! Dava gets in the action and starts to suck her ex’s dick. The guy looks at the dike and tells her: You should get in on the action! She replies: If you could get your wife’s face our of there i would suck it for you!

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