Jake and the fox aka rope priorities aka guy in suit fucks tied redhead

the red fox is a gorgeous redhead with blue eyes dressed in black lingerie and her partner  Jake , a tall guy dressed in a black slim suit with skinny tie holding in his hands a long piece of rope . the red fox and jake start to play a tie up game, where he ties  with the rope the fox hands and hands her from the ceiling near a mirror . he then starts kissing her and rubbing her wet pussy harder and harder , puts his middle finger in the foxes tight little pink pussy and fingerfucks her . Jake removes his jacket and starts eating the foxes sweet pussy till she can begs for it while the foxes puts all her weight on the rope . Jake turns her around , pulls out his hard cock and starts fucking the fox , while still rubbing her clitoris . after she comes jake turns her around again to face him no , puts his hand around her fragile and long neck and jams his dick in her cumming pussy .

Rates : 29
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