Dava Foxx fucks homeless guy

Pornstar Dava Fox manages to find a homeless guy on the streets and takes him home for a good time. She undresses leaving on her only a dark lingerie pants and and dark stockings plus the now famous pair of dark glasses. She starts to unbuckle his belt and drops his pants on the floor. Dava pulls out his homeless cock and start to rub it hard. She fixes her glasses in a sexy way and gets on her knees to perform a fellatio. The homeless guy grabs her by her head and fucks her in that tight mouth. Most of all he pushes Dava on the cough and begins to fuck her missionary style.

Our pornstar quickly gets bored and turns around and puts her pussy on his face. He grabs her ass and eats it like candy. She moans and yells from all that ass eating and leans over and takes his hard dick in her mouth. Climbs on it and start to ride the homeless guy’s dick like a striptease pull.
The climax approaches. Dava is starting to feel it cumming and quickly get’s off his dick and puts her mouth around that trodding homeless penis to swallow all his cum. After he finishes in her mouth Dava Foxx gently collects all his cum from around her mouth and swallows it. After the guy finishes his fabulous business she silently pulls his pants up again.and asks Dava for something to eat after all this hard work. Dava the Foxx gets a smile on her face and takes off her lingerie and tells the guy. If he want something to eat he can eat her pussy all day long. The homeless dude looks at that dripping her pussy and sticks his tongue deep in eat to clean the mess that he made earlier.

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