Britney Amber , Teddy Love the bear in lesbian love

Pornstar Britney Amber comes home after a long day at work , only to find in her room her favorite teddy bear, Teddy Love , her special friend that loves to please her girl owner with his vibrating tongue of his .Teddy Love is placed between Britney legs , putting that tongue of his right on the clit and you press the ear to increase the vibration. So the fun starts and right when pornstar Britney Amber is about to come .. In comes Alison, who is very intrigued by the moaning sounds that are coming from Britney’s room . She burst in only to find pornstar Britney Amber near her climax . She looks very excited about the situation and Britney offers to show her how Teddy Love works by putting his wicked tongue on Alison’s clit . The girls begin to pleasure each other with and without Teddy Love .by rubbing , kissing and licking

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